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Mike Resop - Mobility Mike

'Mobility Mike' Resop

Owner / Physical Therapist says:

* "We strive to operate our business according to the 'Golden Rule' spoken of by Jesus almost 2000 years ago: In everything, therefore, treat people the same way you want them to treat you, for this is the Law and the Prophets."

Matthew 7:12 NASB


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Bruno Stairlift Video


Luella Sterner - Gettysburg, PA

Luella Sterner of Gettysburg, PA
on her 90 degree curved stairlift.

Luella Sterner
Gettysburg, PA

LS -E. Luella Sterner
GR - Golden Rule Stairlifts
Betty - Luella's sister-in-law

GR - "How long have you lived in your home here?"

LS - "Since 1942 - over 60 years."

GR - "Do you mind telling us what difficulty you had in 2008, Ms. Sterner, that resulted in you getting this stair-lift? Did you break something?"

LS - "I broke my hip, and was in the hospital. Then I spent some time at the Lutheran Home."

GR - "How did you hear about our business?"

BETTY - "A friend of mine."

GR - "Okay. So, Luella, you've been home now for a few months."

LS - "Yes."

GR - "I assume you'd rather be here at home than in the nursing home. Am I right?"

LS - "Yes, it's always better to be home. In there everything was okay, it just wasn't home."

GR - "How did it go with getting the stair-lift measured and installed? How's it been working for you?"

LS - "We haven't had any problems."

GR - "And do you use it a couple times a day?"

LS - "Yes, maybe more."

GR - "Does anybody besides you use it?"

BETTY - "I do. After the second trip up the steps, I need to rest my legs."

GR - "For people in Southcentral Pennsylvania / Northern Maryland, do you have any suggestions for them if they're having problems getting up and down steps, based on your experience?"

BETTY - "I think it's great, if you can afford it. To be able to go to the second floor is great. Luella, do you like it?"

LS - "Yes, I like it. I wouldn't be able to go up the steps if I didn't have it."



"Getting a stairlift was a solution of not moving into a one-story house."

I am glad I purchased a stair lift because I now am able to enjoy my home and go upstairs without pain- getting a stair lift was a solution of not moving into a one-story house.

I have Lymphedema in both legs and arthritis in both knees and I knew they could find a solution to help me get around and enjoy life.

Mike and his staff are very reliable, will not let you down- when or if a problem occurs. They are right there to help you.

Linda Kriel
Biglerville, PA



These folks were very pleased with the outdoor stairlift we installed for them...

We feel very happy with the stairlift and it works like a dream. You had our best interest at heart and you never pressured us or forced us to make a snap decision.

You are very honest and we felt secure to deal with you. We would recommend you and your company to our friends.

Thanks again.
Danny and Sue Fox
Littlestown, PA


Stairlift Fun Facts

These wonderful devices are also known by all of these other names. In fact you may have typed in one of the more obscure names to find us here on the internet.

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  • acorn stair lift
  • bruno stair lift
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  • stair glide
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  • star lift (that's right)
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  • stair climber




Welcome to Golden Rule Stairlifts and Elevators

Attractive financing options availableIf you are considering a stairlift for yourself or a family member that will be supplied, installed and maintained by local industry professionals - you are in the right place. If you are investigating the possibility of a residential elevator for your home, we can guide you into reasonable options you might want to consider. We also offer porch lifts, verticle platform lifts and ramp systems for certain applications.

Locally Based, Here for the Long Term

Our company is a division of Mobility By Design, which has been serving persons with mobility challenges since August of 2001. We are committed to serving our community and region for decades to come.

Stairlifts Benefit a Wide Variety of Situations

Stair lifts are designed to transport folks up steps either indoors or outside, and can accommodate straight runs, curved, and even spiral staircases. There are models to handle narrow steps, heavy riders, and even small landings.

Installed specifically in your home after our company representative evaluates your indoor or outdoor stairs. A wide variety of styles, features and benefits available to meet your needs, with Bruno and Savaria Stair Lifts being our manufacturers of choice.

We also provide and install Butler wheelchair lifts.

Indoor rent-to-own option available.

We've installed stairlifts throughout Central PA and Northern MD for in-house use as well as quite a number of churches. Acorn, Bruno, Butler, Harmar, Savaria, Meditek and ThyssenKrupp (TK) Access are all manufacturers we have dealt with through the years. Some of these companies disappointed us with their product quality and/or customer service. Therefore we regularly install Bruno and Savaria stairlifts because of their superb product and outstanding support for us and their customers.

We do service most makes and models. Please call or email us with the details of the unit you have and the difficulty you're experiencing.

Describe your situation or ask your specific question here. We will respond to you by the end of the next business day.

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Not Rocket Science, but Internet Buyers Beware

Stairlifts are units that are marvelous vertical mobility aids, and operated by fairly simple to understand mechanisms. Choosing the correct model for YOU, however, isn't as simple and staightforward as the other internet chair lift for stairs advertisers lead you to believe. Don't fall victim to their slick pitches.

We serve residents of Gettysburg, Littlestown and surrounding areas of Adams County Pa, Chambersburg, Franklin County Pa, Hanover, Thomasville, Spring Grove and surrounding areas of York County, Emmistburg, Frederick, Thurmont and sourrounding areas of Northern MD.

Stair lifts are NOT CHEAP, but owning one COULD BE PRICELESS for YOU or YOUR LOVED ONE. A stairlift can be an unbelievable bargain compared to the $29,000 and above yearly price tag for staying in the average assisted living center, or the $71,000 + cost per year to stay in a semi-private room of the typical skilled nursing center, or nursing home.

Customer Testimonial

Mrs. Shawn Mort - Fairfield, PA

Shawn Mort - Elevator Installation

Shawn Mort - Elevator Installation

Shawn Mort - Elevator Installation

Mrs. Shawn Mort of Fairfield ,PA
with 'Mobility Mike' in front of her
Telecab residential elevator

Golden Rule Stairlifts (GR) - "Can you tell me your name, a little bit about your family, and where you live?"

SM - "My name is Shawn Mort and we live in Fairfield, Pennsylvania. I'm married, and we have four children."

GR - "Very good. You have a lovely home here, with quite a few people who live here and come in and out."

SM - "Oh yeah."

GR - "Tell me about your thought process that led you to getting this Telecab elevator.

SM - "I have a brother who's 50 years old, and when he was about 45 he started to have strokes. He became disabled because of them, and was left with short-term memory loss. My mother-in-law, who's 85, broke her hip in February. While she was in the nursing home for rehab, she had a stroke.

This left her with short-term memory loss, as well as disabled her as far as getting around without a wheelchair."

GR - "Had you looked at some other options prior to deciding on the Telecab elevator?"

SM - "Yes. We looked at a handicap ramp which was very involved and very expensive. Then we looked at residential elevators, stairlifts and things like that which also were pretty expensive, but we knew it would involve a fair amount of money. We decided on the Telecab because it was more affordable, required less work to change the structure of the house, it suited the needs and was nice looking."

GR - "How did you finally end up working with Golden Rule Stairlifts?"

SM - "We had worked with them prior; we'd gotten wheelchairs, walkers and things like that. So I was talking to Deb [GR - employee] one day about this elevator thought, and she said that you guys did elevators, which I didn't even realize. We talked to the men there. They came out, looked at the site, gave us some prices, and we decided we were going to go with them."

GR - "OK. Now, things never go like a fairy-tale from start to finish. There were some challenges which is pretty much to be expected."

SM - "Oh yeah. I would expect that with any kind of work done to your house. We've done a lot of home improvements, and nothing comes off perfect. But with the elevator, everything was put in nicely, and the men were great about coming and working on it and getting everything perfect as far as it operates good - it looks good."

GR - "And the end've used it recently, and how did that go? And how did you and the family react to it?"

SM - "It went great. We've used it many times for my mother-in-law and brother, especially over the holidays. It was very nice to have it available to us for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. The family members who used it loved it; it made it great getting them in and out of the house. For the family who came to visit, they were very impressed with how well it worked and how much easier it was for them to get everyone in and out of the house."

GR - "What suggestions would you have for other people in Southcentral Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland if they're even considering gaining access to the second or third floor of their home? What should they be thinking about as far as options, who to deal with, that sort of thing?"

SM - "I would definetly recommend Golden Rule Stairlifts because they are in this area, they were great about working with us, and we like the product. It works great. It doesn't take up a lot of space in the house, so if you were only going to use it once in a while you could use that area of the room and put furniture over the floor-plug so you wouldn't lose that space. And it's very attractive. It didn't take a lot to do the install. You didn't need a pit or a hoistway, which you do need with an elevator."

GR - "You know this stuff." [Laughter]

SM - "I had studied a lot of this. You would have to have like a closet upstairs and downstairs to put it in, and then depending on what kind of lift system you had, you might have to put heat in it. I know you need a pit for an elevator, whereas with the Telecab you don't because it already has a built-in ramp. It was just a lot simpler, a lot less reconstructing the house. And it has a telephone, an emergency stop button and an alarm. You can push the alarm and it sounds like a smoke detector. Then downstairs, if you would not have any electric for some reason, there's a cable that you can pull so it just very slowly lets the elevator back into the down position. That way, if you had someone upstairs and you had to get them down, it has that safety feature. You can get them back downstairs, if needed."

GR - "Very good. I'd like to say thank-you. You were great to work with."

SM - "Well, so were you."

We also offer ramp systems, porch lifts and vertical platform lifts for certain applications.


Vehicle Ramps

Ramp System


For home or vehicle use. Our company representative will evaluate for the right ramp for your situation. For rent or sale.

"I appreciate dealing with Mobility By Design because after spending hours calling York, Harrisburg, and Hanover in vain, I finally found someone who would rent RAMPS for a week."

Ms. Marks
-East Berlin, PA

Porch Lifts & Vertical Platform Lifts
Porch Lifts
Vertical Platform Lifts

We evaluate your home, church or office. Some of our clients in the Gettysburg area have had real success accessing their homes after a porch lift or vertical platform lift was installed.

Describe your situation or ask your specific question here. We will respond to you by the end of the next business day.

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